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Veena, your name evokes the enchanting melodies that dance from the heart of your being.
It is a name steeped in the rich musical tradition of India, representing the beloved stringed instrument that has captivated generations with its sweet and captivating sound.
Like the veena itself, you are a source of joy and harmony, spreading beauty and inspiration wherever you grace.

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Happy Birthday Veena Lyrics

Veena, a name as sweet as can be,
Originating from Sanskrit, can't you see?
Meaning "music," you're a melody divine,
With your notes, the world starts to shine.

Strumming your strings with finesse,
Bringing harmony, you effortlessly impress.
In your presence, hearts rejoice,
As you play, we find our voice.

Veena, your aura sets the stage ablaze,
Captivating us with your magical ways.
An instrument of grace, you steal the show,
And with every tune, our spirits rise and glow.

So, Veena, keep playing and shine so bright,
Your name is a source of pure delight.
In your melodies, we find solace and peace,
May your enchanting music never cease.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Veena.


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