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Happy Birthday Saira - Song

Saira, the name you bear holds within it a profound meaning.
Originating from Arabic roots, it signifies "tree" or "princess." Like the sturdy branches of a tree, you possess an unwavering strength, finding roots in your values and beliefs.
The regal title of princess speaks to the grace and nobility that emanate from your presence.
Your name is a testament to the inner beauty and resilience that make you a true gem amidst the garden of life.

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Happy Birthday Saira Lyrics

In the garden of life, where blooms meet grace,
There walks Saira, with a radiant face.
Her name, a melody from lands afar,
Whispers tales of beauty, like a shining star.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Saira.


  • Saira Banu, the famous Indian Bollywood actress, was born on August 23, 1944, in Mussoorie, India. She grew up in Mumbai in a film family; her mother, Naseem Banu, was also a well-known actress of her time. Saira Banu debuted in Bollywood with the film 'Junglee' in 1961, where she played the leading lady opposite the renowned actor Shammi Kapoor.
  • Saira Khan, the dazzling actress who has emerged as one of the most sensational celebrities in the entertainment industry of Pakistan, has taken the world by storm. With her stunning looks and impeccable skills, she has become the talk of the town, and we couldn't agree more.