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Your name, "Patralekha," is a charming and meaningful one.
Derived from Sanskrit, it comprises two elements: "Patra," meaning "leaf," and "lekha," signifying "mark" or "writing." Together, they form the concept of "a mark or writing on a leaf" or "a leaf bearing writing." This name evokes an image of nature's beauty and the significance of the written word, suggesting that you possess a deep connection to both the natural world and the world of knowledge and communication.

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Happy Birthday Patralekha Lyrics

"Patralekha, like petals on a river's flow, your name dances in the wind's gentle blow
Amidst the chaos, you bloom serene, a flower of grace, a sight to be seen
In each syllable lies a story untold, a journey of beauty, a heart of gold
So let your spirit soar, let your essence shine bright, Patralekha, you're a marvel, a pure delight."

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Patralekha.