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Happy Birthday Nanda - Song

Nanda, your name carries a wealth of radiance and joy.
Its origin lies in Sanskrit, meaning "delight" or "happiness." Like a cheerful melody that fills the air with joy, your name embodies the essence of an optimist, radiating positivity and uplifting spirits wherever you go.
The name Nanda evokes the warmth of a cozy fireside, bringing comfort and a sense of well-being to those around you.
It is a testament to your bright and cheerful nature, reminding you to embrace life's moments with enthusiasm and spread joy wherever you tread.

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Happy Birthday Nanda Lyrics

Hey Nanda, you're one of a kind,
Your name's origin is truly hard to find.
But it's said to mean "bliss" or "happiness",
And that suits you perfectly, no less!

In Sanskrit, Nanda means "one who brings joy",
A ray of sunshine that cannot be destroyed.
With your infectious laughter and heart so wide,
You spread happiness wherever you reside.

So Nanda, keep shining bright like a star,
You're a unique soul, no matter who you are.
Remember, you're loved and cherished, my friend,
May your life be filled with joy till the very end!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Nanda.


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