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Happy Birthday Malaika - Song

Malaika, your name holds a profound and angelic meaning.
In Arabic, Malaika translates to "angel." As such, it implies heavenly qualities, a messenger from the divine realm.
The name symbolizes purity, kindness, and the belief in a higher power.
It reflects the hope for one to embody the gentle and benevolent nature of an angel, inspiring others with their virtuous actions and unwavering faith.

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Happy Birthday Malaika Lyrics

Malaika, the angelic name you bear,
A meaning so divine, it's quite rare.
Originating from Swahili, it's true,
A language that holds legends like few.

Malaika, you're more than just a name,
You embody grace, and beauty you claim.
Like an angel descending from the sky,
Your presence lights up the darkest of nights.

In your eyes, a sparkle, so pure,
Guiding us forward, helping endure.
With every step, you bring joy and peace,
A celestial being, never to cease.

Malaika, your name, a gift from above,
A beacon of love, an embodiment of love.
Embrace your origins, let the world see,
The unique wonder that is you, free.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Malaika.


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