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Happy Birthday Gayatri - Song

Gayatri, your radiant and auspicious name embodies the essence of the revered Vedic mantra.
As the revered Mother Goddess, you are the bestower of blessings and the protector of devotees.
Your name signifies the sacred incantation that illuminates the path to spiritual awakening, guiding and inspiring those who seek divine wisdom and inner peace.

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Happy Birthday Gayatri Lyrics

In the cosmic dance of dawn's embrace,
Gayatri shines, a radiant grace.
Her name a hymn, a sacred song,
In every heartbeat, she belongs.

A beacon bright in darkest night,
With wisdom's flame, she takes her flight.
In every step, a mantra's sway,
Gayatri guides us on our way.

Through skies of blue and seas of gold,
Her spirit soars, forever bold.
In every laugh, a verse divine,
Gayatri's light will always shine

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Gayatri.


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