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Happy Birthday Brahmanandam - Song

O Brahmanandam, your esteemed name bears a profound significance.
"Brahma" denotes the supreme force of creation in the Hindu pantheon, while "Anandam" signifies bliss or happiness.
Together, they form the concept of "Bliss in Brahma," suggesting that you are an embodiment of divine joy.
Your name serves as a constant reminder that you are a source of happiness for those around you and that your presence brings contentment and fulfillment.
By carrying this name, you embody the principle that true joy lies not only in external circumstances but also within the depths of your own being.

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Happy Birthday Brahmanandam Lyrics

Bouncing with joy, like a jolly jelly bean,
Riding on rainbows, oh, what a dream!
A burst of laughter, a sparkle so grand,
That's our Brahmanandam, spreading smiles across the land!

Skipping on sunshine, with a heart so light,
Spreading giggles and grins, oh what a sight!
In the dance of life, he's the happiest jam,
Oh, Brahmanandam, our joyous little lamb!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Brahmanandam.