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Happy Birthday Baby - Song

Dearest Baby, your name carries a profound meaning.
It is a simple yet endearing term of endearment, whispered from the hearts filled with love and affection.
Just as a newborn infant evokes a sense of tenderness and adoration, your name suggests a cherished essence that inspires boundless care and nurturing.
In its own simplicity, your name captures the beautiful and profound nature of our bond, reminding us always of the unconditional love that we hold for you.

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Happy Birthday Baby Lyrics

Oh, Baby, you're so cute and small,
Like a little bouncing ball.
Your name is special, it means new,
Just like the morning dew.

You bring joy to all around,
With your giggles and baby sounds.
You're a bundle of love and delight,
Always shining so bright.

Baby, you're a precious gift,
With a smile that gives us a lift.
You bring happiness every day,
In your own special way.

So let's dance and sing with glee,
And celebrate our Baby, you see.
You fill our hearts with so much joy,
Our little bundle of Baby, oh boy!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Baby.


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