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Happy Birthday Babita - Song

Your beautiful name, Babita, holds a special meaning and carries with it a legacy of feminine grace and compassion.
It originates from the Sanskrit word "Bhavita," which means "flower," symbolizing beauty, growth, and the promise of a bright future.
Just like a blooming flower brings joy and radiance to the world, your name reflects your ability to brighten the lives of those around you with your gentle and loving nature.

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Happy Birthday Babita Lyrics

Babita, oh Babita, a name so sweet,
Like a melody, it can't be beat!
Bouncing and twirling, like a ballerina,
Your name brings joy, like a sunny day in Argentina!

Babita, oh Babita, what does it mean?
It's like a magic wand, making dreams come clean.
In Hindi, it signifies "little girl",
But to me, it's like a diamond, rare and pearl.

Babita, oh Babita, you're full of cheer,
Your laughter is contagious, spreading far and near.
With a heart so kind, and a spirit so bright,
You light up the world, like a star in the night.

Babita, oh Babita, let your dreams take flight,
Reach for the stars, with all your might.
Embrace each moment, cherish every day,
For you, my dear Babita, are here to stay!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Babita.