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Happy Birthday Apoorva - Song

Dear Apoorva,

Your name, bestowed upon you with great love and care, holds a profound meaning that reflects your unique and remarkable nature.
"Apoorva" is a Sanskrit word derived from "a" meaning "not" and "poorva" meaning "before," translating to "unprecedented" or "uncommon." This name signifies your originality, your exceptional qualities that set you apart from others.
It is a testament to the fact that you are a rare and cherished gem, someone who brings a unique perspective and vibrancy to the world.
Your name is a constant reminder of your intrinsic value and the extraordinary journey that lies ahead of you.

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Happy Birthday Apoorva Lyrics

Apoorva, so grand and new,
Like a rainbow in the dew

A name that sparkles, oh so bright,
Bringing joy and pure delight

In a world of wonders, you're the star,
Shining brightly, near and far

With each day, a brand new start,
Apoorva, you stole my heart!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Apoorva.


  • Apoorva Arora, the charming Indian actress who has taken not only Indian cinema but also the internet by storm is now a well-known name amongst youngsters. With a vivid spectrum of roles in her bag, Apoorva has become the talk of the town. With her innocent eyes, long curly hair, and charming smile, she has won millions of hearts all around. As she is celebrating her 25th birthday this year, we take a moment to look at her journey so far.