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Happy Birthday Abbey - Song

Abbey, your name echoes with a serene aura, derived from the Old English word "abb" meaning "abbey, monastery." As a place of refuge and worship, an abbey embodies sanctuary and tranquility.
This name bestows upon you a profound connection to spirituality and a comforting presence that draws others towards your calming embrace.

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Happy Birthday Abbey Lyrics

In a land of laughter and light,
Where Abbey dances in delight.
Her name means 'dwelling place' so bright,
A sanctuary, pure and white.

In fields of flowers, she skips and plays,
Her joy like sunshine, all ablaze.
With giggles like bells on breezy days,
Abbey's spirit forever sways.

So let us sing for Abbey's grace,
In this wondrous, enchanting place.
Where love and happiness embrace,
Abbey's world, a sacred space.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Abbey.


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